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After two successful professional careers, we felt the need to change our lives to change our pace and reconnect with nature."



Passionate about wine, the Alentejo and its world-renowned vineyards invited us to come and discover the region. During our research, we came across this quinta, its cellar and its vines. We immediately fell under the spell of the adjoining pine forest, and the amphorae that were arranged in “the adega" (The cave). During the visit of the premises, we immediately felt and realized that the owners had written a beautiful history there, which lasted for more than 100 years. This story spoke to us so much that it made us want to write new chapters. 

It's been more than a year since we took the plunge, accompanied by Antonio João, the former owner, Antonio Manuel, his brother-in-law and Rui, his oenologist son, who passed on to us a specific and oh so precious know-how: that which makes it possible to create wine intalhas(amphoras).

This is how Encosta do Pinhal was born, quite naturally and with a lot of work and passion, thus perpetuating a centuries-old tradition.


Here, thanks to the vineyard that we are committed to maintaining and developing in the most respectful and ecological way possible, we have reconnected with the land. We live at the sole rhythm of nature, which makes it good for us.

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